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TJ began his Hatha-Raja Yoga practice in Mysore, India under Yogi Dr.
Narasimha. He continued an intense self-practice for the next seven years
before eventually being led to master Yogi Sri Dharma Mittra in NYC.

In addition to studying several forms of traditional Yoga, Tantra and Siddha
Vaidya (knowledge of health) TJ was trained as a physician in the US but
left a life in medicine to follow his dharma (duty) to share right
knowledge. Rather than merely placate the effects of dis-ease, he vowed to
guide others along the timeless path of Self Realization in order to
discover our divine birthright of radiant health, absolute truth,
consciousness, and bliss. He wandered the earth for many years before
returning to NYC to be with his Guru full-time. He balances a teaching
schedule in NYC, furthering his practice each day with Sri Dharma, and
continuing to walk the earth to spread the seeds of Yoga far and wide. Om
Nama Shivaya.