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Alex Litvak

  A former Infantry Marine, I came out of the military service with several debilitating injuries, the doctor at the Veterans Hosptial told me to take up power walking. I wished to regain control over my body and find a more interesting fitness hobby, something far more interesting than power walking. Then I discovered, and started learning Yoga right here at Yoga Spot in 2006. I was completely hooked; In Yoga, I found one activity for all my spiritual, fitness, and stress relieving needs. Seven years later, I am twice certified Yoga Instructor and am totally immersed in the Yogic lifestyle. Yoga has saved my life. I practice meditation, pranayama breathing techniques, and physical asanas(postures) daily, and am stronger, both mentally and physically, than I ever was while serving in the military. My Power Yoga style is geared towards improving your athletic performance and general well being with focus on strength and flexibility. Power Yoga helps increase your range of motion, and mobility of the joints, creating greater coordination and agility for sports and recreational activities. Additionally, many elements of my class focus on meditative and calming component of yoga, with meditation interludes, advanced breathing techniques and chanting, combined to benefit your general sense of well being, calmness and awareness of your own body.