A knowledgeable, experienced and friendly instructor is the key to your success in Yoga. At the Yoga Spot we pride ourselves at having one of the best teams of instructors in New York. See for yourself!


After many years of intense self-yoga practice, Andrei Ram moved from Colombia to New York City in 2003, following an insight call that it was revealed as soon as he met his Guru Sri Yogi Dharma Mittra. 

Andrei Ram’s devoted dedication to serve his guru as full time karma yogi has led him to become the senior teacher at Dharma Yoga Center, having the honor to be the head yogi at Kailashananda Temple when Dharma Mittra is out of town.
He is part of the 200 hr. and 500 hr. teacher-training staff at DYC.

Andrei Ram has been teaching in Yoga Spot since 2004 with loyalty and loving dedication as he considers Yoga Spot his yoga home in Brooklyn. 

Andrei is constantly traveling all around the world teaching Yoga, leading workshops and cleansing retreats. He considers his own dharma to become an extension of his beloved Guru in the mission of spreading the Yoga bliss everywhere.