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Single dropin class

TRIAL SPECIAL 4 classes in 1 month (New Customers Only) 

One Time Package 24 Classes in 6 months (New Customers Only)
(Every 4 classes for $34.00 - $8.50 per class)
24 Classes in 6 months  
12 Classes Prepaid Expiration in 3 months  

4 Classes in 1 month  
Unlimited Monthly

Kids yoga

Stop smoking Natural procedure 90% effective












Kids Classes [ages 6-12]
* All prices above are for classes NOT workshops!*
Stop smoking Procedure. All natural. 90% efective. Appointment only! $155.00
Yoga Spot pricing reflects individual classes and packages. Purchasing a package can substantially reduce the price per class. Class cards are valid for a specific period of time. All class cards are not usable after expiration date. All fees are not refundable unless medically excused.