All levels of yogi's are welcome! Whether you are a balancing-on-your-head guru, or
just a fan of the rapper GURU, this class will get your ASSana shaking, groovin',
twerkin', or maybe just doing the white girl sway (my personal specialty). No
judgement zone, this class is not about the final destination or achieving a certain
pose, it's about letting the music just take over and help you flow through your
sequence, fusing asana (yoga pose) with soul. It's about letting go of what's in
your head and letting your body take over. The playlist will change every week
according to YOU: Music requests are HIGHLY encouraged.

Barefoot Bootcamp is a mind/body-based workout that fuses strength training,
pilates, and power yoga using nothing but your own body weight and a mat! A little
bit of everything: cardio, core, and cool down. Come and see how hard you can work
by unlacing instead of lacing up those shoes! Don't be fooled, this class is
HARDcore! If you are ready to change your body and open your mind, this class is for
you. Side affects include but are not limited to: improved endurance, improved
posture, improved strength, improved breathing, improved balance, improved
flexibility, and improved BARE FEET!